Garth Brooks and Trisha yearwood deep love story


Pensacola, Florida

After last week’s internet bonfire with an emotional and entertaining boost from Inside Studio G, country music duo Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood head to CBS for a new special music show.

ET Kevin Frazier spoke to Brooks and Yearwood via video chat recently, and the couple almost opened Facebook crashes with their live performances from home last week, when over 5.2 million users signed in to watch and essentially crack the site, momentarily.

“We didn’t know until later. We were hearing that people were being paid and had to sign in again, but we didn’t know what’s going on at the moment,” said Yerwood, adding that the flow of love and support “was amazing.

“Yes, it was very cool,” Brooks added.

Building on the unprecedented success of that episode of the Inside Studio G episode, CBS contacted Yearwood and Brooks to create an early special show, Garth and Trisha Live !, to entertain a nation that was largely out of society and self-isolated in a role.

During the hugely popular batch of their show, the couple also asked viewers to submit requests for songs they wanted to hear to perform Brooks and Yearwood, and it seemed there was no shortage of suggestions.

“Yes, it was tough,” Brooks said. “There are already more than fifty thousand requests.” “So I think the [next] show will be longer … I mean, [maybe] we’ll make just one note of each [song]!”

While moving from Facebook to CBS, Yearwood wanted to make sure that fans know what to expect.

“This will not be a polished private network – it will very much resemble what I saw last week,” she said. “We’re going to do some different songs, but [will be] very loose and very connected to people … It is for all of us to just be together.

While the nation is largely closed in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus outbreaks across the country, Brooks and Yearwood have been cuddled at home as well, in an attempt to stay safe and healthy.

“I live with a man who always sees the bright side, so I think he might need treatment as soon as we go through this, but it was a really great source of strength for me,” said Yerwood, on her loving husband.

Meanwhile, Brooks had nothing but praise for the country’s key workers, medical professionals and first responders who still put themselves at potential risk to do their part in keeping the country going.

“I think I love the whole upside down because celebrities and idols are now not singers or celebrities, idols are the people in the grocery stores who work and these doctors and nurses are present the hospital front lines.” These are the rock stars now. Love them, appreciate them, worship them. They have all our strength in prayer


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