Cruise ships full of hundreds of infected with coronavirus wait out of Miami coasts


Pensacola, Florida

About 6000 Carnival Corp passengers remain on board the cruise ships of the company as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe.

All these passengers are expected to disembark by the end of April, according to a SEC deposit from the company on Tuesday. The carnival will provide some crew and accommodation, as they are unable to return home.

Carnival Corp, the world’s largest cruise line, is the parent company of Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises and Holland America. Princess was at the heart of the issue of cruise ships infected with coronavirus, with both the Diamond Princess and the Grand Princess suffering from a widespread outbreak. Currently, two ships from the Netherlands and the Netherlands are waiting to anchor in Florida. Mrs. Zandam has patients on board.

Other carnival ships, Costa Magica and Costa Favulosa, dock near the port of Miami and are also awaiting docking. Meanwhile, Costa Luminosa and Ruby Princess have documented cases of coronaviruses, according to the registry.

The Princess, flying the British flag and run by the United States, carried a partially injured passenger before returning to her main port in Yokohama, near Tokyo, on February 3. And injured 705 of the 3,711 passengers and crew on board, on board the ship 705, which sparked international criticism of the quarantine and the ability of Japan to fight disease.

More than 3,500 people on Grand Princess had a Hawaiian flight to COVID-19. Of the 1,103 Grand Princess travelers who chose to take the test, 103 were positive, and 699 were negative. Two passengers died.

In its filing, the company also warned of financial hardship even after the outbreak subsided.

Princess Cruises had a health problem long before new coronavirus outbreaks on the Diamond and Grand Princess ships hindered the entire cruise industry.

Their patients were often unusually sick. Nearly 5,000 people aboard Princess ships have suffered bouts of vomiting or diarrhea – or both – in numbers large enough that government health officials have issued alerts on 26 outbreaks.

The next closest flight line, Celebrity, reported a third less than breakouts during the same years.

Trump plans to step in to allow cruise ships in the US Netherlands to dock in Florida

President Donald Trump said that he will speak with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about whether two Dutch cruise ships in America, one with four dead and 200 passengers and crew, will be allowed to do flu-like symptoms for anchoring.

While he never explicitly said he plans to tell DeSantis, who has raised concerns about allowing ships to enter the port, Trump said, “I will do what is right, not only for us but for the sake of humanity.”

The MS America, MS MS and Rotterdam cruise ships in the Netherlands – one with sick people on board – crossed the Panama Canal bound for Florida. But whether the coronavirus and sister ship were able to dock, were in question.

Holland America transported healthy passengers to Rotterdam, who met Zandam with additional equipment, staff, and testing groups last week. The two ships remained together for the rest of the flight.


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