Wendy’s salary increase at company restaurants


Pensacola, fl

Just as grocery stores have been offering bonuses to employees who are limited by demand fueled by the coronavirus, so is Wendy’s Co.

The Dublin-based restaurant said on Wednesday it will continue to protect bonuses for restaurant managers while implementing a 10% increase in pay for restaurant employees at company-owned locations.

The restaurant appreciation pay, as the company calls it, will be a 10% increase in hourly pay over the next five weeks for crew members, shift managers, and assistant general managers. Wendy’s also said it will protect a portion of the monthly bonuses for managers in April. He had also done it in March.

The company also said it is offering free meals for employees of company-owned restaurants, as well as discounted family meals for those workers on their days off.

The changes previously announced for the company include the use of contactless and limited contact ordering options and the application of social distancing in restaurants. It also created an emergency paid sick leave policy for hourly employees at the company.

Last week, Wendy said her sales increased 2.8% through March 22, although she did see a 20% drop in sales during the first two weeks of coronavirus covid-19 restrictions.

The company has closed 235 restaurants entirely, or about 3.5% of the 6,700 restaurant chain, including 46 in the US. USA And 189 internationally. Most of the chain is franchised.


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