New jobs in Pensacola, Florida


Pensacola, fl

Even as the coronavirus pandemic forces companies to set working hours or close altogether, many companies in both Escampia and Santa Rosa provinces are still operating.

If you are looking for work, here is a list of local companies that employ, courtesy of Career Source Escarosa, a non-profit organization that helps workers find jobs.

While they are seeing the hiring of some manufacturing and IT companies, most of the companies that hire are the primary companies facing a massive increase in demand in response to the crisis, said Sherrill Reberg, CEO of Career Source Escarosa.

Rehberg said There is a lot in that basic business – grocers and retailers that contain the essentials that people need.”

Publix, Walmart, target and other retail outlets have announced that they employ thousands of workers to keep pace with the growing demand during the coronavirus.

CareerSource Escarosa contacts companies daily and maintains an updated list that is contracted to by local companies. The organization also helps people navigate the state’s unemployment system.

If you are a business owner or manager and hire and want to be included in the list, send an email to Chemarryn Thornton at


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