Mobile and Pensacola Subway restaurants offer special meal


Like many in our community, Team Subway takes the health and safety of our guests and team very seriously. Our restaurants are independently owned and managed by young businessmen. Our teams continue to work hard to keep our restaurants open for takeout and delivery, and we need the support of our community. We are committed to serving our guests in the best possible way while providing an opportunity for people to continue working.

For more help during this time, Subway restaurants offer a family offer. Stop at your local restaurant and get Footlong for free when purchasing two. (Additional fees for extras.

Free sub-price at an equal / lower price.

In participating restaurants. No additional discount. Not valid on delivery.)

Free delivery is now also available by all service providers applicable to your market. Use the promo code: SUBWAYNOW to waive all delivery charges on the next purchase. (For a limited time only. Select the regions.

$ 0 delivery fee. Other services, fees, and limits may apply.)

In addition to its availability for output and delivery, we have made the following adjustments to our operations:

Our restaurant locations remain open for lunch and dinner. Please check opening hours at the local Subway Restaurant.

The subway continues to promote our best existing health and food safety protocols with our team, such as frequent and proper hand washing, using gloves, ensuring patient staff stay at home and seek medical care

Additionally, we are on the lookout for Covid19 advanced guidance and rapid adaptation accordingly


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