Defer the judgment required for the wife of the former deputy. Duncan Hunter in the corruption case


Pensacola, fl

The judgment on Margaret Hunter may be adjourned for her role in the corruption case that forced her husband, Congressman, from office for a month.

Government and defense attorneys requested a continuation or postponement of the sentencing session to the wife of former lawmaker Duncan D. Hunter from April 6 to May 4 “or as soon as possible afterwards appropriately support.”

They cited a March 17 order by Chief Justice Larry Allan Burns of the San Diego Federal Court to suspend trials before jury and other measures to protect public safety: the spread of COVID-19.

A government verdict was expected to be issued a week before the April 6 hearing before Judge Thomas J. Wylan, telling how long, if any, Margaret Hunter should spend in prison after pleading guilty last June to the stolen campaign money case.

Hunter, 44, faces up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $ 250,000, but is expected to get a much smaller amount, thanks to her cooperation with the government. The date of the original judgment was issued on September 16, 2019, several times later.

Two weeks ago, the republics of Alpine were sentenced to sixteen months in prison 11 months – the surrender agreements May 29 stores.

In a statement issued during the ruling, the former congressman from the 50th District asked the judge to “sympathize” with Margaret, who now lives in La Mesa.

He said earlier that he agreed to change his confession from not guilty to guilty (of conspiracy charge) for the sake of his three children.


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