Walmart closes pharmacy


Pensacola, Florida

A Walmart spokesperson has confirmed to Action News that the pharmacy inside its Kennewick store has been closed until further notice for cleaning.

Pharmacy is expected to open on Tuesday.

The company said the following response, “Any update on COVID-19 cases can only come from local health officials. Per the requirement of HIPPA privacy laws, we do not share personal health information about any associate in order to protect their privacy.”

Walmart is enacting several new features and guidelines to keep associates and shoppers safe.

Some of those procedures were outlined in the full statement that we received from the corporate office.

The statement reads:

“Thanks for reaching out. Any update on COVID-19 cases can only come from local health officials. Per the requirement of HIPPA privacy laws, we do not share personal health information about any associate in order to protect their privacy.

We are focused on serving our customers during this unprecedented time. The store is operating as normal. As we’ve announced before, we have enacted cleaning and sanitizing protocols with guidance from the CDC and Walmart’s Chief Medical Officer, and we will continue taking any and all measures necessary to ensure the well-being of our associates and customers.

Those steps include delivering updated procedures to associates through videos and photos, as well as schedules for cleaning to help provide clear guidance. We have a voice-activated app called Ask Sam that associates can use to ask for cleaning guides for any area of the store, and our stores have adjusted operating hours to 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. to help associates restock shelves while continuing to clean and sanitize the building.

Finally, we started installing plexiglass barriers (sneeze guards) at our pharmacy lanes (both Walmart and Sam’s Club) and will install these guards at the regular Walmart registers during the next three weeks. This is intended to help bring peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep our people and our stores safe.

Also, we’re installing floor decals at the entrances and in checkout lanes, making it easier for customers to judge the proper social distance from each other


  1. Use might as well open back up because Lowe’s on 150 is well over social disting it’s packed and if you’re going to get it wherever

  2. Well, if they close up the Pharmacy where else can you get Diabetic Insulin, being Walmart is the only place that is allowed to carry it. That doesn’t sound very good for customers that depend on there Insulin to survive.

    • Do without… I’ve been without for a month now, went from $65 a bottle to over $200, can’t afford the price gouging. Watch everything I eat and drink and dealing with it. Not easy, in pain, but what can you do?

  3. We have one of the filthiest stores I’m sure that you have. You would think all of the business this store does it would be a better store. It is here in Ft Worth in Hulen in Southwestern part of our beautiful city. We love having such a convenient place to shop but find it very disappointing so we choose to go miles away

  4. I agree with the state of Vermont limiting what people by at Walmart. You can only buy food, paper products, and presonal hygiene. With many people collecting Unemployment ins actually more then they would have gotten. Should not buy cloths and unnecessary items. Electronics yes cell phones but not the 1000.00 iPhone shop wisely

    • What people buy with their own money is not your choice. This is coming from someone who has a job and still has money coming in. As long as people are obtaining their money legally, no matter where it comes from, they have the right to choose how to spend it.

      • I have know of people who lived in communist run countries and visited those places and there was strict laws that they could not buy alot of things which they could buy in America.In one place evei tolit paper by could not be bought.It sound like something is going on that we are not be ring told . In Michigan some stores won’t let you buy potting soil and seeds.

  5. I live in Georgia, I think Walmart should mail your Medicine to you at this time ,it would stop a lot of this . And do it for 3 months. It would help so much .

    • Mail-delivery sounds good. HOWEVER, there are some medications which, by federal law, i blieve, must be delivered in person. So, there might be a problem for this as an overall solution.

  6. No cleaning products? No washing clothes products? No clothes or shoes? All of these “ARE” necessities….
    We suppose to go naked, barefoot,dirty,smelly,etc” ?

  7. Why can’t I purchase toilet paper or paper towels online or grocery pickup. All state must purchase in store. I choose to stay out of stores for social distancing & my own health.

  8. Why can’t we get food, toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, hand sanitizer. These are very essential items and you can’t get these in most all Walmart stores. Especially in the cedar creek lake area like the only Walmart is in Gun Barrel Texas. Why are we not able to get meat fresh or frozen. It makes no sense.


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