Sophie brussaux baby mama in photos


Pensacola, fl

Sophine brussaux the 30-year-old mom, who retired porn star,

She was born in France and was known in the field of pornographic films as  rosee  divine

In 24 October 2017, Sophie gave birth to her son from his father, Drake , which made him a father for the first time in his life, but he did not recognize him until June of the following year 2018

The two had met together in January 2017 in Amsterdam during a dinner party and after that the mother Sophie became pregnant with the baby.

In The Story of Adidon, it’s alleged he refers to her and Drake when he raps “Sophie knows better, asks your baby mother

He then says “a baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap…Adonis is your son…Love that baby, respect that girl

He also accuses Drake of using a ghostwriter for some of his songs – “ghoswritin’ aside

The track’s artwork features an old picture of Drake wearing black face and a Jim Crow t-shirt which is probably a reference to the line “always thought you weren’t black enough


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