Italian cruise ship full of Corona virus heading to Florida, and Pensacola


The successful crossing of the giant Italian passenger ship Costa diamond for the Egyptian Suez Canal shipping channel coming from Dubai port on its way to Florida, which carries 65 positive conditions with the Corona virus.

The Suez Canal Authority carried out the transit and guided the ship remotely without the intervention of any navigation crew from the staff of the Suez Canal Authority for fear of injury, through a guide crew on two accompanying locomotives and full coordination with the movement’s offices and navigation control stations in a precedent that is the first of its kind in the history of the channel

The ship, which can accommodate about 3 thousand passengers, was on a trip around the world that includes Italy, which the program was recently changed to avoid, to fly to the United States to anchor in Florida, and passengers tour in Miami, Orlando, and Pensacola.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health had decided that no one would board a ship or get off one of its crew after informing the captain of the ship that there were 65 cases COVID-19 of coronavirus infection in the ship.

The ship was crossed by taking unusual measures and measures, as the ship was entered at four in the morning with a time preceding the appointment of the southern convoy, in addition to appointing three of the authority’s senior guides for remote guidance and guidance from the two accompanying ships

One in front and the other in the back to direct the ship in addition to the radar guidance In coordination with the traffic offices and navigation control stations along the channel


  1. Please do not let that ship come here. We have enough virus in Florida now. Floridians will be leaving and going to the mid west if this continues.

    • I totally agree. My heart goes out to the passengers but let them stay on the ship. They mad the choice to go on a cruise during this dangerous time. Why put us all at risk!!

    • Please keep the people on the ship. Florida’s infection rate is increasing everyday. This virus has to be contained as much as possible.

    • They shouldn’t be going on a cruise during a pandemic, they made that choice knowing the situation they were putting theirselves in, so I don’t blame any state for not wanting to help them or country either…

  2. hi Please do not let that ship come here. We have enough virus in Florida. Please, please, please don’t….do not….let that ship come here pensacola 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Send doctors and nurses that are trained out to the ship!!!! They didn’t board the ship from here!!! If not send them back it’s not Florida’s problem! We have not enough for the people who live here….. seriously send them packing!

  3. Please do not let that ship come here. We have enough virus in Florida now. Please, please, please, don’t…do not…let that ship come here Pensacola 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Please don’t let them come to our Pensacola port we need to stay safe we already have enough people sick. This is outrageous don’t let them come here please.

  5. Really they are about to let a ship come to Florida with 65 confirmed cases maybe even more don’t do that

  6. Please don’t let them come here where is it fair to us to have that many come here I feel bad for these people but like someone said we need to take care of our own first.

  7. Get that ship Doctors, nurses and medical supplies. Treat them on ship and they all most quarantine in place till it runs its course on the ship. That is the best option. Quarantine Quarantine we can’t keep moving people around. that starts Quarantine days all over again. Hello people!!!! Florida isn’t the escape state!!!

    • I totally agree, dock the ship, Send supplys and doctors. Treat them on the ship. Like you said they’ve already been quarantined no sense in moving them to infect all of us here in Florida. We have enough issues going on.
      This is a terrible thing we’re going through, and we don’t deserve to be dumped with more sick people.
      Please don’t let them off the ship if they dock.

  8. I feel bad for these people but no please don’t let them come here it’s tough for all of us as it is and there are a lot of older and sick people here who can catch it easily and even the young are at risk. Please don’t let them come to Florida. I’m trying to get my sons ashes and this shit is making it hard for me to do so. Please keep them on that ship and in their rooms.

  9. Surely you jest!
    Offloading passengers who have been exposed to Covid19 is inviting a high spread rate within our citizenry. Local greed may hold sway as consumer spending may rise BUT at what unconscionable cost to our community. Mayor, refuse this proposal!

  10. Don’t bring this ship to our harbor. What will happen when people are told they can’t get off the ship? I know, they will start jumping overboard to swim to the dock. This would cause more infections once on land. Take them to Jeffries’ island since it is hot being used now.

    • Have the cruise ship start sailing around the world and drop each passenger at their home country I’m a 4-star Mariner with Holland America have sailed many cruises and Holland American never should have went forward with these cruises and these people never should have gone on these cruises they should have canceled even if there was a reduced refund your life is not worth risking to go on a cruise ship we knew this was going on in February and March it’s all about a profit with Holland America and all these Cruise Lines that’s why they sell their ships in different countries they don’t sell the American flag why don’t they return to their country that their flag is registered and have all these cruise ships go back to the Bahamas or whatever country they are registered under they are not registered on the United States because they don’t want to pay the United States any of their revenue .. not our problem we are not obligated or responsible for them,

  11. It’s obvious that someone in authority here in the U.S. has an agenda that does not include the welfare of American citizens.

    • You are so wrong! That SOMEONE has to take in the big picture. I don’t care what country these people are from, they chose to go on a cruise in winter/spring when over the past 4 to 6 years 100s of people have gotten sick. Th er y need to stay put until they can be declared clear. They have a doctor and nurses on those ships, we shout keep them fed and with medicines but DO NOT allow them to sail from the middle east where no other country would allow the to disembark! Adults make their own decisions, they have to live with those decisions!

  12. We have enough to deal with now we don’t need more of the problem here so DO NOT let the ship and dock in Pensacola.

  13. So I went back and read all your comments and being a Christian woman And listening to the fact that they went on a cruise around the world , I am thinking it started weeks ago before the virus was bad…. also I think they should dock ,stay on ship and treated by doctors and nurses that would be the right thing to do , without exposing them to all of us .

    • You sounded like a Christian up to the last sentence. I’ve never read so many selfish hateful comments from so many people. Cruise ship ventilation can’t keep the virus from spreading to everyone onboard. There are no ventilation or oxygen sources on board. Can’t believe so called Christians are so selfish & hateful.

  14. Amazing. What about turning away the sick followed by a “God Bless ” absolves you from the fact that you defy the teachings of your supposed saviour? Hypocrites all. Take your bibles and thump them elsewhere. You disgust this athiest.


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