Kim Zolciak’s home for her lovers


Kim Zolciak the girl of Pensacola, and her family lives in her big house in Atlanta mansion, due to the circumstances in the country like the rest of the Americans who sit in their homes due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country and led to the infection of 159 k citizens with the virus and his death nearly 3 thousand so far.

And due to the quarantine conditions that the Kim Zolciak family lives in the home she decided to enjoy the quarantine and live her life like the rest of the Americans.

And gave her followers and loved ones an opportunity to see her home from the inside by posting photos on her account on Instagram for the home from the inside, which is considered a luxurious palace full of rooms and hallways and entertainment even that the house has a small elevator.

She published pictures of her purchases of biscuits and pastries that her family loved and loved and purchased.

Kim born at 19 may 1973 in Pensacola, Florida and She became famous as one of the original housewives of the Atlanta television series Real Housewives broadcast on Bravo.


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