Unemployment jump to 3.280 million last week


While the number of unemployment claims across the country has increased almost twelve-fold to 3.28 million last week, the population of the Pensacola region who has applied for reemployment benefits is unclear to local officials.

Scott Louth, executive director of the Florida West Economic Development Alliance, said changes to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s re-employment system had streamlined the process for applicants, but the ability of local officials to calculate unemployment benefits in is hampering the region.

Now, those who want to reap the re-employment of the office do not have to prove that they are registered with the local CareerSource office, and this is how local officials generally collect unemployment data in the region.

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“From a tracking perspective, it’s bad, but it’s good for employees,” said Loth. “As there are currently no job vacancies in the hospitality industry, they have exceeded this requirement to speed up the submission of re-employment claims. This step means that they do not register on site and therefore cannot receive local data” “

Louth said at a press conference Thursday that the state’s latest estimates were 74,000 Rehire calls last week. In the previous week we only saw 6,400 damage cases.

Local officials must now wait for the state to process and distribute all unemployment claims locally to find out how many employees in the Escampia and Santa Rosa provinces have applied for reemployment benefits.

“As soon as we can dig a little deeper,” said Loth, “it is clear that my hypothesis mainly relates to those industries that were directly affected by the government directive to limit or reduce business hours or closings.” Employees of companies such as restaurants and gyms.

One of the additions, at least as far as data collection is concerned, is that Louth said he now had an unemployment base just before the epidemic started to hit. On Friday, the DEO released employment statistics for the region on Friday that allowed immediate contamination before a coronavirus epidemic affected the local economy.

The unemployment rate in the provinces of Escampia and Santa Rosa was only 3.1% in February when the unemployment rate was 7067. This happened at a time when the hotel industry was actively working.

“As always at this time of year, our hotel industry is working to increase employment before spring break,” said Loth, adding that there are more than 1,600 leisure and hospitality jobs in February and February 2019.

From January to February this year, the economy created 1,400 jobs, 600 of them in the entertainment and hospitality category. According to Loth, these jobs in particular were hardest hit by the outbreak of the corona virus.

Eric Flora, chief operating officer, said CareerSource Escarosa, the region’s recruitment agency, has so far been unable to calculate the number of people registered on the job exchange because employees are too busy making calls to the unemployed.

According to Flora, many people find it difficult to answer their calls and make claims because the DEO’s entitlement system for re-employment is overwhelmed.

“We only ask our customers to be patient, but they will make up their minds and we will continue to help as much as possible and wherever we can,” said Flora.

Among those who had difficulty finding answers was Bobby Grimsley, who struggled to get answers from DEO due to crowded phone lines. Several times, she said, she remained suspended for a long time until her connection was lost.

Grimsley currently said that she would continue to work on the phone lines and try to extend her single income with her husband.

“I hope the economy recovers, but it’s terrifying now,” he said. “I don’t know what to do, but people need help.”

Johnny Wilkinson was released on Friday, March 13, for his work on remote data entry. Since he was concerned with the effects of local corona viruses at an early stage, he was able to apply for re-employment through the system.

Wilkinson said he had not yet received any payments and the system asked him to reopen an investigation on March 31. Fortunately, she is not dependent on unemployment


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