Pensacola, Florida car dealer is copy of famous Egyptian football player

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Allen Turner the car dealer in Pensacola, Florida, who announced on YouTube to his employees that they will not lose their salaries due to the Corona pandemic that swept the world and wounding about 110 thousand American citizens until now .

He is a true copy in the features of the former Egyptian football player Zakaria Nassif / His name in Arabic, the language of Egypt, means / eizak Justicer /

Nassef was a former player in Al-Ahly Club, the largest Egyptian and international clubs, and the Egyptian team for nearly 15 years before he retired from football and is currently presenting a number of sports programs besides his work in the Football Management Committee of Al-Ahly Club

Allen Turner , the car dealer in the city of Pensacola, decided to provide support to his employees and give them their salaries and full benefits until the crisis ends, in order to solve part of the Corona virus problem sweeping the world.

Pensacola last year created 3400 new jobs for citizens, bringing the unemployment rate down to 3%.

While nearly 75,000 Florida residents applied last week to obtain unemployment benefits after the Corona virus crisis, while 103,000 citizens applied this week to receive unemployment benefits amid a continuing crisis in the global crisis


  1. Allen Turner is a very devoted Christian. He loves and cares for his employees. He lives his faith, like very few others. I know him well through our church and he barely resembles this Egyptian you are referencing. He is sacrificing for his employees. He has always been extremely and quietly charitable.

  2. Allen Turner is a good man and when you are around him, you just know. He deals right with his customers and once you buy a car from him you will always go back and most of this is BECAUSE of these employees who do a magnificent job of selling AND servicing, your car. Allen knows a good support staff and wants to keep his “family” together at the lot when this virus is over. Hopefully it will be over soon.


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