Pensacola, Florida Vegetables and fruits to fights corona virus


Corona virus that has swept the world now and infected nearly 64,000 American citizens so far, among them 1682 from Florida alone can resist infection and increase the body’s immunity by eating some simple vegetables and fruits that we know and deal with daily and are grown in Pensacola and Florida as a whole and find it easily in all shops.

The first of course, oranges, which is a vitamin C mine, is the most important source of increased immunity, especially for cold, flu, and all kinds of bacteria and microbes.

And of course the benefits of oranges are known to all, and their importance to the body and general health are indispensable and it is sufficient to know that oranges of all kinds are the basis for combating cold and winter diseases.

And of course orange means with him, of course, the Mandarin who is the younger brother of oranges and has the same benefits and the same characteristics.

Lemon in all its forms and in all its forms is the largest mine of vitamin C and the basis for fighting any disease, especially cold and flu diseases.

It suffices to know that Iran calls the lemon in their Persian language the name of the poison killer because it fought all kinds of diseases, toxins and microbes.

There is red pepper, which is a full bomb of vitamin C, is a wall against any kind of microbes and diseases and raises the immune level in the body in an unimaginable way.

Garlic and onions

They are his brother, they do not always separate together, and their presence in the food is essential for raising immunity and fighting diseases, especially diseases of immune deficiency and stomach diseases.

It suffices to know that onions and honey are the main food for the pharaohs in all meals and they were a cure for all diseases and basic meals for all patients from the old pharaohs to fight diseases until recovery.

Besides eating garlic cloves in the morning is something essential to raise the body’s immunity, and so far many Egyptians eat garlic permanently along with its use in food and the daily green salad with onions, lemons, and spices, and the most important hot burn.

Of course red tomatoes are a main source of vitamin C and an essential source of vitamin that raises your body’s immunity and makes you fight all diseases easier.

Finally, green soup, meaning soup that is filled with many rich and green vegetables, such as green beans, peas, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and celery, all of which have lemon, a group of essential spices, including pepper, chili, cumin, coriander and curry.


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