Kim zolciak, girl of Pensacola have 3 million us$ now


Kim Zolciak, who is considered a famous TV actress and singer, has a net salary that is his son, Pensacola Florid, and her wealth so far is approximately $ 3 million annually, and reports indicate that her wealth is now close to $ 3 million.

Pensacola girl became famous in the United States and North America through her appearances in the famous bravo television series. He also became famous for her appearances in Ellen Deepeners show and Wendy Williams, as well as joining rall housewives in the year 2008, which increased her popularity throughout the United States.

Kim Zolciak was born in Pensacola, Florida, on May 19, 1978, making her now 42 years old, but she moved to spend her first childhood in Windsor Lux, Connecticut, and got a high school diploma from Manchester City in Connecticut, and then moved to live in the famous city of Atlanta in southern states United

And now Kim Zolciak has six children, including two children, Brill and Ariana from her previous relationship. She also owns 4 other children from her current husband, Kerry Berman, the famous American football player whom she married in 2011, the last of whom was the twin Kaya and Kane who gave birth to them in 2013 and Kim photographed herself Immediately before birth, her pictures were published on social media, which gave her millions of likes, posts, and psychological support from millions of fans of her social pages, especially Instagram, who adores her passionately.


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