Pensacola, Florida beach wedding ideas


If you’re set on a beach wedding then look no further than Pensacola Beach. With its white sand beaches, sparkling clear waters, and 343 days of sun each year. Plus, there are plenty of hotels and large homes along the beach for accommodating your guests.

There is a lot to consider when planning your beach wedding. Some things you may not have thought of with your traditional wedding. Here are some tips to help you.

1) First, make sure to check the weather reports in the area for what time the tides come in, when it sets, etc. so you can plan accordingly. December through February in Pensacola can be cold on the beach with average temperatures in the low 60’s.

2) You may want to plan your beach wedding around the annual events that take place in Pensacola. For example:

o February has the Mardi Gras Street Party
o April is the Jazz Festival
o July is the Blue Angels Air Show
o September is the Seafood Festival
o October is the Pensacola Interstate Fair
o November is the Blue Angels Homecoming Show
o December is the Winterfest Celebration

3) For summer weddings, have your reception in the evenings so you’ll be able to keep you guests cooler without the blaring sun.

4) If you planning your wedding around one of the Pensacola annual events, then keep the food along the same theme. See if you can find a special order bakery that will make you a Blue Angels cake. Or if you having it during the Seafood Festival have seafood as your main dish. Keep the food light with salads and fruits. Your guests likely won’t want to dine on heavier full course meals during hot temperatures.

5) Skip the confetti and the balloons. Confetti makes a mess on the beach that is hard to clean up. Besides, neither is good for the environment.

6) Keep you decorations to a minimum. Having too many decorations and colors will detract from the wedding and will give it a less-than-elegant feel.

7) For a wonderfully inexpensive idea, try scouring the beach for seashells, sand dollars, and other items. Use these for you wedding reception.

8) Christmas lights or lanterns will work better than candles, which can be easily blown out if there’s a gust of wind. Lanterns will last longer should the reception go long into the night.

9) Sand can be an issue on the beach. If you’d like to keep it as sand-free as possible, look into a pool side reception. There are quite a few resorts that will offer areas that are next to the beach.

10) Get an open-sided canopy. It helps to define the reception area and will provide protection from the sun (as well as the rain) while still allowing full view of the beautiful beach setting.

11) Go with light colors. They don’t retain heat like darker colors do and you’ll want to stay as comfortable as possible.

12) Need some music ideas? How about the Beach Boys, the Drifters “Under the Boardwalk”, “Summer Nights” from Grease, or Reggae music like Bob Marley and UB40. For a Naval oriented feel how about music from “Top Gun”.

13) For safety on the beach, hire your own lifeguard. This is especially important for your younger guests.

14) Pensacola offers a variety of attractions for your guests. Everything from fishing, chartering a boat, swimming, to taking a dolphin cruise. Dive the Oriskany artificial reef (the largest artificial reef ever created), scuba dive, or go snorkeling. From March through November you and your guest can watch the Blue Angel’s at the National Navel Aviation Museum. For more family oriented appeal there’s Sam’s Fun City with a water park and arcade games – home of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

15) And above all, have fun! By planning ahead and having others around to manage the numerous details you will help ensure the most enjoyable celebration.


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