Fishing tricks of Pensacola saltwater

Waiting for the fish. Big fishing reelsand rod on a boat.

If you are not acquainted with Pensacola it is one of the most popular holiday spots in Florida.

The place is rich in its history and hospitality but what it is best known for is fishing. Pensacola saltwater fishing is a very renowned term amongst all enthusiasts in fishing. The saltwater fishes are generally bigger in size than the fresh water fishes and every year a lot of people drop in just to enjoy the bliss of fishing in this venue. Pensacola fishing indeed is no easy job and hence here are a few tricks which will help you catch your share of fish at Pensacola.

Summer is the ideal time for fishing in this region as except for the occasional noon thunderstorms the waters of Pensacola remain calm for most of the times. The best thing to get from the local bait store here is a packet of rigged ballyhoo. I suggest you cool it on ice till you actually need them as baits. Check all the fishing gear and see to it that everything is in order.

The best place for fishing here is somewhat 2 miles from the Pensacola pass. Get here unpack all your gear and get to work. Take out the ballyhoo. You will need to break the bill and then snap them up. Now throw the baits in the water at an approximate distance of about 20 to 30 yards. It is actually easier to keep the lines untangled while operating the boat. The best option is to keep the lines behind the boat as this gives you no room for trouble at all. This was for people who love trolling however if trolling isn’t the thing for you then you should try drift fishing. This is much simpler. You can use cigar minnows as bait and sit down on any quite place you like along the gulf. Try avoiding the channel as the amount of boat traffic it sees make it the worst fishing ground. Now when you reach a quite spot kill your engine but make it a point not to anchor. You also need not use a weight or a bobber in this type of fishing. Just throw the bait and let the tide get it.

During summers you will also find patches of grass floating round in the gulf. The locals refer to it as June grass. These are the best fishing grounds as the grass provides shade from the sunlight and also gives life to crabs, etc. My suggestion is when you see any patch of grass troll ahead and try to catch a few fish there.

The winters are good too but I would advise you to stay close to the shores coz the winds often get turbulent. You should go fishing around the pass in this season. You often get lucky here catching beautiful fish. Use sting ray grubs, cut bait and shrimps here. One also has the option of Pensacola Charter fishing here which though a bit on the expensive side is more fun too.


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