Soon 2 chipotles ll open in Pensacola, Florida


We don’t know where they are going just yet, but a Chipotle external communications representative confirmed to the News Journal that the revered fast casual Tex Mex chain plans to open two Pensacola locations this fall. For all service of chipotles for delivery and chipotles delivery and all chipotles menu meats to be chipotles near me at all

The company was unable to provide any further details. 

Northwest Florida Chipotle fanatics were pump-faked in July of 2018 when a billboard in front of Gulf Breeze’s Tiger Point Publix complex displayed a Chipotle logo, implying the chain’s highly anticipated area arrival. 

But both Chipotle and the vice president of the commercial real estate agency that developed Tiger Point stomped on our dreams when they set the record straight. 

“Someone must have taped that logo on there,” said Beck Partners VP Stacy Taylor to the News Journal in July of 2018. 

“Just confirmed with the real estate team that there are no plans for a Gulf Breeze location and they’re not in communication with the developer,” a Chipotle’s PR rep added around the same time.”They’re looking into the signage as we speak.”

To say Pensacola has desperately desired a Chipotle for quite some time would be understating it. A Facebook group page of the chain restaurant, aptly named “Bring a Chipotle to Pensacola,” was created in 2011 and has remained very active since. 

For the better part of a decade, members have shared insider info, rumors and stories in which they have personally messaged the company in hopes of getting the good news they’ve craved for so long. 

The News Journal will track the progress of the two confirmed Chipotles as the winter rolls on. Stay tuned. 



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