Pensacola beach and ocean waves


When it comes to spring break, Florida is still the most common spot to travel to.

The hot spots in Florida for spring break primarily include Pensacola Beach, Daytona Beach, Miami and the Florida Keys. These destinations provide a variety of beaches, days filled with plenty of sunshine, plenty of frosty beverages and tons of spring breakers who love to play in the sand, surf the ocean waves and drink gallons of adult cocktails.

The Florida Keys offers several places to shop and eat as well as learn more about the state of Florida. Most people though just go there during spring break simply for the refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

Another enjoyable pastime is walking along the miles of beach, looking at the different sized seashells and sand dollars that are washed onto the shores from the endless waves of the mighty ocean. You can also look out into the horizon of the ocean and see shrimp boats and sail boats in various locations.

Sailing is another fun thing to do, if you know how. You could rent a boat for a full day and head out onto the ocean for yet another point of view of Florida.

To a lot of students, and the parents of the younger students who take their children on vacation for spring break, Florida is like paradise. There are so many adventures and activities there, that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to see and do it all. When nighttime rolls around, these active families usually can’t wait to hit their hotel room and fall asleep, resting up for the next day’s adventure.

When it comes to the typical college students on spring break though, the real fun starts when the sun goes down. This is when the night clubs, restaurants and bars start to open up and the wild and crazy nightlife begins. These night time activities are probably what spring break is most famous for. It is the focus of many TV shows and movies.All in all, college students from across the nation tend to flock to Florida for spring break as there seems to be a little something for everyone. It can be a relaxing getaway or a wild blow off of stress to clear the mind before returning to the books on campus. Also, by traveling in groups the students can help keep their travel expenses to a minimum by sharing rooms, gas, rentals and other related costs.


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